We do our very best to provide our clients with  the highest quality  
embroidery, but there will be variations from job to job due to the nature of
the embroidery process. We do not assume responsibility due to minor
color changes or minor alignment issues.  Embroidery is the destructive
process of making holes in fabric and inserting thread to make a pattern,
we strongly recommend that you do not embroider irreplaceable items or
family heirlooms. All customer supplied  material is provided "AS IS" with
no guarantee of durability.  Embroidery is permanent and usually outlasts
the shirt!


We will not be responsible for damaged goods up to 2% of quantity
embroidered (based on # of placements) with a minimum  of 1
*. In the
case of spoilage above %2 we will replace at the fair market rate (FMR)
or replacement cost of the item(s) (not the sell price), which ever is lower.
The customer is responsible for the embroidery and shipping charges.

Special Note for Rush Orders:

We are not responsible for damaged shirts when the job is a "Rush"
Order, A rush order is any job the customer (you) requires expedited
and/or placed in front of other jobs or which has a delivery requiring less
time than 100 piece per day plus one day. For example a client needs 200
pieces by Friday of this week and an embroidery tape won't be ready till
Wednesday. Any order not ready to run by Tuesday before noon would
be considered a rush order.

Disk or tape charges are billed at $9/1000 stitches. Minimum charge is
$50. We reserve to option to waive that charge at our discretion provided
that the customer must pay $12/1000 stitches for any disk that the
customer wishes to have at any given time.

Note: The industry acceptable error rate is 5%, Out error rate is usually
less than 2%! Less than half the industry standard!