Tania Modesto DBA Caribbean Embroidery & Digitizing Inc., and any associates or
partners (herein referred to as "Caribbean Embroidery & Digitizing Inc.") provides in part
custom services to persons and businesses which may include reproducing a company's
trademark or copyrighted logo.  Caribbean Embroidery & Digitizing Inc adheres to all laws
regarding the reproduction of copyrighted works and will not reproduce a protected
trademark or copyright without authorization.

Caribbean Embroidery & Digitizing Inc has been requested by you (herein referred to as
the client) to produce a product that bears a mark that may be copyrighted or

By affixing your signature and authorizing its reproduction, you acknowledge that you:

1)        Are the owner of the trademark or copyrighted logo; or

2)        Are requesting the reproduction of the trademark or copyrighted logo on behalf of
the holder or owner of the trademark or copyrighted logo and the reproduction of the
trademark or logo by Caribbean Embroidery & Digitizing is authorized and done so with
consent; or

3)        Hold a release and authorization to have the trademark or copyrighted logo
reproduced on behalf of the holder; and

4)        Are authorized and agree to hold harmless Caribbean Embroidery & Digitizing Inc
for the reproduction of the reproduced trademark or copyrighted logo, and personally
accept any liability and pay damages that may be levied against Caribbean Embroidery &
Digitizing Inc if the requested reproduction of the trademark or copyrighted logo is
determined to be unauthorized and damages are awarded against Caribbean Embroidery
& Digitizing Inc.

5)        Agree and affirm Caribbean Embroidery & Digitizing Inc is not responsible  for any
copyright infringement brought against the client (you) because of our work.

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A copy of the trademark or copyrighted material  is to be attached & appears below: