Why use Caribbean Embroidery?

Simply put we give the very best service in town!
We give you Value so you can go that extra mile!
All our shirts are neatly folded with your design featured prominently . Imagine walking into your
client's Office with a box full of individually folded shirts - all at no extra cost to you!
Very small or no setup charge for specially items Such as bags, Jackets, Hats, Duffel Bags,
Golf Bags and Totes. We only charge for size and stitch count.

No extra charges for rush orders
We use top of the line software Tajima DGML the highest level Maestro, with the most
modern features. Our digitizer has ten years experience,

The best software and the experience to use it!
Our machines are top of the line HAPPY by TEXMAC and Brother by PAS. - The highest
quality output and the best prices in town.

FAST turn around times 1000 pieces in a week 3000 pieces in 3. Not Two weeks for 5 shirts!
No minimums whether it's 1 shirt or 500 always on time.

How about this: Your customer has a tournament this weekend, he needs 10 shirts by Friday
It's Sunday night and all you have is a graphic! What do you do?? Ordering the shirts isn't a
problem but they won't arrive till Wednesday! The solution: Call us any time. We will accept a
drop shipment, count and verify you order, we will digitize the logo, email you a sew-out proof
and as soon as it's approved we will run your shirts for Friday morning delivery. You greet
your customer with 10 folded shirts ready to wear! - We are here to help YOU succeed.
Digitizing: Why you should use us instead of the online digitizing stores?

Simply we take the time to create the design so it sews correctly!  Every embroidery tape is
created with a particular material in mind, when you ask an on-line digitizer “Create this logo
for dress shirts…”

The digitizer creates the design for a typical dress shirt, usually twill, but what if you have
Pique, or hats, or bags, or what if you want the logo for towels or a full back?? The design will
run but on pique that same design will pull (not enough underlay), on hats registration will be
off (wrong pull comp), and on bags the design will have too much density, on towels you have
to double everything and  it is almost impossible to correctly resize a Left chest logo for full

So to get the very best possible embroidery you will have to pay three or four additional
digitizing fees. Our policy is you only pay once if we need to modify the logo for a particular
material there are no additional charges, free revisions, as long as you keep the original logo.
Personalized and efficient
Our digitizer has 14 years experience
satisfying customer needs.
We care about your satisfaction.
We use long lasting fade resistant, threads.
Over 200 standard colors.
Already a Screen Printer/Embroiderer - Why use us?

Running an embroidery shop is expensive! The average machine lease is between
$1500.00 to $2500.00 per month plus labor, threads and backing and on older
machines the repairs are almost as much as the lease price!!! You pay those costs
regardless of your income! Why? When you hire a contract embroiderer you just
pay for the items wanted!  No headaches! One set price - No Guessing! - Just
We are always growing, Last year, we began offering Heat applied Vinyl and Appliqué. No need
to occupy the screen printer for single orders! Need a school Uniform? Or a Varsity Jacket? Or,
do you need some numbers for the little league??  Again Call us we are here for you and as
always we want your business, not your customers! All work is confidential, we respect your
privacy and we respect you.
Simply put, we provide the highest
quality embroidery in the business!
Luis is a trained programmer/technician with over 20 years repairing all types of
electronics. In 2006 we had a severe power surge we were down for just two days
(the time it took to send a replacement board),  even with the power surge we have
never had any significant downtime in 10 years!
Tania is a caring wonderful embroiderer with over 19 years experience, she knows
color combinations and always produces the finest quality. She's always ready to
help. If you ever need something done right ask Tania!
Are we reliable?

We use powerful, industry leading software, our machines are the very best available.
Call us when you need to get something done right, right now.
Embroidery is a better value than screen printing especially for small orders or orders requiring
many color changes. Just the setup for a 5 color print is $100 to $200 dollars, for embroidery it's
just the run charge!