Modesty Electronics
Embroidery Machine
With  a wide range of technical and graphic arts skills Everything from
PC repair to Mainframe programming to Graphic arts  and over Twelve
years experience repairing embroidery machines Modesty can tackle
the most demanding jobs in the industry.
  • Create specialty programs just for your PC!
  • We use visual Basic to create quick single run
  • Need an Inventory report but your accounting software
    can't create it? Call us! We will pull data directly from
    your software!
  • Small systems programmer?
  • Do you use Pick Basic we create custom reports from
    select queries!
  • High quality SQL/Sequel Queries?
  • We are SQL/Access Experts any report instantly - On
    Your Computer!!
  • Text processors: Convert text documents to useful data
  • Need an inventory quota from Quickbooks - Quick call us!
    Or phone 407-668-1884.
What we do

All areas of digital electronics both software (SQL, TANDEM,  COBOL,
ASSEMBLER, and 'C'. Five years experience in PASCAL and eight years in
various BASIC languages, many years COBOL , TAL & TACL macros, COBOL85
programs, ENFORM macros,  TGAL report writer under TANDEM environment)
and hardware (PC Assembly & troubleshooting, Networking, Printer repair).

Technician install & repair of embroidery equipment including Brother 6 Head
and Happy 6 head CNC embroidery machines.
Build Repair PC's
Install software, update
security as required
Install & repair of embroidery
equipment including Brother 6
Head and Happy 6 head
embroidery machines
Technician PC
Embroidery Digitizing Artist Convert
Graphic art to embroidery files.
Certifications & Qualification TESTS:
English Basic skills test
Deductive Reasoning Assessment
Level 2 Programming Proficiency
Asp .NET Skills Assessment
In addition we can provide the following services: