Home Laundering Instructions:
All embroidered garments should be washed with a mild laundering agent that will not react harshly
with the embroidery or fabric.
Optical bleaching agents or heavy duty detergents may cause discoloration. Do not use chlorine bleach
or optical brightening agents.
Machine wash in cold water using a DELICATE wash cycle.
Do not pack embroidery items tightly in washing machine!! Never leave any piece of embroidered
clothing soaking in water or lying in a pile when wet. Remove promptly after wash cycle completion.
After washing, make sure that embroidery is rinsed in cold water immediately and that all residue is
thoroughly washed out of the fabric. DO NOT wring out the embroidered articles.
In the rare occasions that residue occurs,  to obtain the best results from washing, it is recommended
that you repeat rinsing until the fabric is free of residue. If color residue appears in water, rinse first in
lukewarm water and then cold water several times until rinse water becomes clear.
Stain remover may damage color fastness and consistency of thread, especially when embroidery is
rubbed briskly.
Do not rub stained embroidery.
Dry Cleaning:
Embroidery may be dry cleaned. However, extreme care should be exercised when dry cleaning
Special care must be taken when shades of red or orange are used due to dye methods used to
produce these colors.
Avoid use of prep-spotting agents.
Industrial Laundering:
Garments that are embroidered with Super Strength rayon can be industrial laundered when proper
procedures are followed as outlined by the International Fabricare Institute.
Embroidered fabric should always be ironed on the reverse side.
Dampen slightly before ironing fabric with a steam iron at a low temperature setting.
It is also recommended to iron embroidery between two pieces of cloth.
Appliqué & emblems:
We embroider directly on garments Appliqué is the process of adding fabric such as twill directly on a
base garment such as school lettering & numbers. Appliqué is not limited to just lettering our digitizer
can add Appliqué to almost any shape or design. Appliqué fabric uses a glue to temporarily hold the
material while it's embroidered. To maintain adhesion please Iron after every washing. Iron inside-out
with No Steam.

Normally the care label instructions pertain to the garment, not the embroidery. Special Care should be
taken when laundering embroidered garments.
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